February 20, 2024

Introducing MoveIt Pro: Rapid Robotics Application Development for Unstructured Environments

by Ross Wehner
Introducing MoveIt Pro: Rapid Robotics Application

We are excited to announce MoveIt Pro, a new name for our flagship product. Previously known as MoveIt Studio, we are changing the product’s name to MoveIt Pro to better align with the capabilities and value that MoveIt Pro delivers.

Since its launch in 2021, MoveIt Pro’s capabilities have grown even more expansive than our easy-to-use user interface and powerful behavior tree builder that MoveIt Pro is known for. We’ve been rapidly enhancing our commercial-grade robotics runtime engine to further accelerate the development of solutions to real-world, unstructured robotics challenges. With so many features under the hood, the professional tool has outgrown the original MoveIt Studio name.

We’ve made changes to clarify the UI and runtime functions clearly, the MoveIt Studio name now represents the high-level robotics programming environment while a new MoveIt Runtime product will contain our advanced robotics engine and developer tools.

MoveIt Pro

Robust Tools For Enterprise Success

Built For Enterprises and Professionals

MoveIt Pro helps companies rapidly implement automation that intelligently adapts to changing and variable environments. The development platform accelerates ROI and time-to-market by enabling rapid prototyping and iteration. Trusted by global enterprises, it’s also the industry’s only comprehensive, rigorously tested, commercial-grade robotics platform designed to deploy real-world robotic automation with confidence across diverse industries.

Future-Ready Technology

We are committed to keeping MoveIt Pro at the forefront of robotic motion planning technology. Our users receive frequent updates with cutting-edge advancements to ensure they are always equipped with the latest tools to meet the demands of ever-evolving industries.

Comprehensive Commercial-Grade Robotics Runtime Engine

Durable, reliable, and rigorously tested, Moveit Runtime is trusted by leading enterprises to deploy robotic automation with confidence. The hardware-agnostic software combines open source innovation with commercial-grade dependability to reduce risks.

Visual drag & drop frontend Programming Environment

MoveIt Studio’s intuitive visual UI streamlines the creation of advanced robotic arm software to resiliently solve real-world enterprise challenges. Our hardware-agnostic approach supports all commercial and custom robot arms, ensuring flexible, scalable solutions, with freedom from vendor lock-in.

Extensive Library of Reference Applications

Our library of reference applications allows you to significantly reduce development time. Current reference applications include, bin picking, opening doors, pick & place, peg in hole, scan & plan, cutting along path, and visual servoing. See our reference applications in action at https://picknik.ai/pro/.

Robust Enterprise Support

MoveIt Pro is backed by robust end-to-end services and support for business-critical applications from our team of experts. Our comprehensive professional services accelerate all stages of product development, deployment, optimization, and sustainment.

About PickNik:

PickNik is the top advanced robotic arm software provider in the world and has made solutions for clients in more than a dozen industries worldwide and across all major arm OEMs. PickNik’s software is utilized daily in applications including space, construction, oil & gas, agriculture, healthcare, rail, food preparation, industrial maintenance, warehousing, manufacturing, utilities, and the U.S. military. Read more.

At PickNik we believe you should be able to easily bring robotic arms to unstructured applications anywhere. This name change signifies our commitment to providing commercial-grade motion planning solutions.

We are excited for you to experience MoveIt Pro and look forward to supporting your endeavors in robotic automation. Thank you for being part of this journey with us!