Runtime & AI Developer Platform

Rapid development for commercial-grade, unstructured robotic arm applications deployed in complex, variable environments.

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Build and innovate on the world's most advanced software platform for robot arms

Robot arms have been confined to factories for too long. We believe you should be able to easily bring robotic arms to any kind of unstructured application, in any industry.

A production grade manipulation runtime

A production grade
manipulation runtime

We’ve taken our 8 years of learnings solving the hardest manipulation problems, including for NASA, and have developed a flexible runtime engine and developer platform that is optimized for the needs of software developers.

An easier way to use ROS

Mobile manipulation made easy

We combine the full power and flexibility of ROS with an easy to use interface, so that basic tasks are made easy and mobile robotic systems on wheels are finally possible for unstructured environments.

A robot-arm centric platform

A robot-arm centric platform

Deploying robotic arms is deceptively hard because of their complex interactions with the world and higher degrees of freedom. We make manipulation algorithms easier and faster to deploy.

Months Earlier

MoveIt Pro enables our customers to launch 9.5 months earlier on average*

Save millions in R&D costs

Pushing the limits of applications using robot arms is expensive, from hiring rare PhD talent and senior software engineers to the long-tail maintenance and devops costs. We’ve developed an affordable alternative that grows with your company.

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*In comparison to developing with other methods they have attempted.

Case Studies

  • “The MoveIt Pro software, along with expert support from PickNik engineers, enabled us to quickly identify issues with our control stack for our in-house built robot arm.” Ally Robotics

  • "There are few others in the industry of robotics with the capability of PickNik, especially capabilities as expansive as their abilities with dexterous manipulator control.” NASA Johnson Space Center

  • “MoveIt Pro has enabled our team to rapidly prototype manipulation demonstrations using our space-rated robotic arms, and has been valuable for exploring operations concepts for future space missions.” Motiv Space Systems

How We’re Different

Avoid vendor lock-in with a hardware agnostic approach

Any Brand of Arm

Any Brand of Arm

Bring your favorite COTS arm, or build a custom arm to fit your needs. A ROS driver is all that’s needed.

Any End Effector

Any End Effector

Our algorithms currently support both vacuum picking as well as 2-finger end effectors, but anything is possible.

Any Depth Camera

Any Depth Camera

Can be used with most brands of 3D depth sensor cameras. Intel Realsense is our affordable favorite.

Any Linear Rail or AMR

Any Linear Rail or AMR

Increase your robot arm’s reachable workspace by adding additional DOF or a mobile base.

* Support for some types of hardware may require additional ROS development or fees.

Key Runtime Features

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  • Use the latest ML approaches

    Use the latest ML approaches

    Use our tools and Python-based API for easily integrating your machine learning models. Or use the out of the box Segment Anything foundation models to quickly get started.

  • Advanced motion planning made simple

    Advanced motion planning made simple

    Complex planning approaches such as constrained planning, parallel planning, and task planning are simplified using intuitive user interfaces.

  • An extensive library of motion primitives

    An extensive library of motion primitives

    Push, pull, grab, and drag… these are just a few of the kinematic, motion planning, and motion control capabilities you get out of the box.

  • Collision checking by default

    Collision checking by default

    Use depth camera data or CAD files to make the robot aware of its environment. MoveIt Pro’s automatic planning will then avoid the robot arm or grasped objects hitting the environment or self collision.


Professional tools to create and deploy
advanced robot arm applications.

Model based design with Behavior Trees

Model based design with Behavior Trees

An integrated behavior tree editor and debugger allows developers to create the proper abstractions to enable complex reasoning composed of simpler behavior primitives.

Develop. Simulate. Deploy. Repeat.

Develop. Simulate. Deploy. Repeat.

Rapidly iterate your robot behaviors and parameters on the fly within the integrated development environment, and instantly deploy on your hardware or simulator for testing.

Create and edit waypoints

Included Reference Applications

To speed up development of custom applications, leverage out of the box templates to facilitate learning and sharing of architecture best practices.

Robot teleoperation and recovery

Robot teleoperation and recovery

Use MoveIt Pro as a teach pendant for real-time jogging in both Cartesian and joint space. Optionally connect this to the cloud for remote monitoring and control.

Checkout our many example applications

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Cutting, Welding, Deburring Application using MoveIt Pro

Bin Picking, Flexible & Fast for any brand of Robot Arm

Building a Door Opening Application with Behavior Trees

Picking an Object, Pushing a Button, Opening a Door in Space Station Mockup

Pick and Place with Linear Rail in Mock Environment

Creating Objectives with AI Large Language Model


Where in my stack does
MoveIt Pro sit?

Our runtime is the “manipulation engine” that runs inside your robot, similar to a gaming engine. The runtime provides a set of core capabilities that robotics developers can use to then build up complex robot applications.

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Built on the open source you love ❤️

PickNik is committed to open source and is a major contributor to the MoveIt, Gazebo, and ROS projects. MoveIt Pro enhances these projects with more advanced features, easier interfaces, and importantly: support & warranties that provide peace of mind to end users.

See the difference between MoveIt OSS and MoveIt Pro.

Get the support you need, whenever you need it

Expert professional services and comprehensive customer support help ensure project success and uptime.

Onsite Integration and Training

Onsite Integration
and Training

Our multi-day onboarding program ensures your team’s success in starting with MoveIt Pro. It is an additional required fee that consists of hands-on hardware integration, customization, and training.

An easier way to use ROS

Develop with Confidence
and Guided Support

Each license of MoveIt Pro comes with priority support, with more enhanced support options available to ensure your team's success.

Learn new Robotics Skills

Learn new
Robotics Skills

Take our in-person training courses, use our free online documentation, or join thousands of users on Discord to learn how to best leverage MoveIt Pro.

The robot arm development platform of choice
for trailblazers across industries

From Manufacturing to Aerospace, FoodTech to AgTech and beyond, MoveIt Pro is the go-to solution for creating world-class robot manipulation capabilities.

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