Multi-Arm Motion Control

Industry Leading Runtime and Developer Platform for Robotic Arms

Software to Control Multiple
Robotic Arms. Simultaneously.

Operating multiple arms in close proximity has historically been difficult with traditional robotic arms because of the complexity of safely coordinating and timing them. By contrast, MoveIt Pro has the automatic capability to prevent collisions between two or more manipulators, so your engineering team can quickly deploy commercial grade automation solutions with confidence.

Advanced Mobile Manipulation Capabilities

  • Enables simple operation of multiple arms to perform complex and dynamic tasks.
  • Greatly increases throughput without growing the equipment footprint.
  • Uses the latest AI and ML approaches for advanced motion planning and collision avoidance.
  • Integrates with many different robotic arm models and sensor equipment.
  • Includes automatic fault recovery and error detection.
4 arms 360
Extensible and Customizable

Extensible and Customizable

With the MoveIt Pro Developer Platform, customize your multi-arm solution to your precise needs using pre-built skills & behaviors, or custom C++ and Python extensions. This allows you to achieve the ideal blend of quick prototypes and tailored solutions.

How We’re Different

Avoid vendor lock-in with a hardware agnostic approach

Any Brand of Arm

Any Brand of Arm

Bring your favorite COTS arm, or build a custom arm to fit your needs. A ROS driver is all that’s needed.

Any End Effector

Any End Effector

Our algorithms currently support both vacuum picking as well as 2-finger end effectors, but anything is possible.

Any Depth Camera

Any Depth Camera

Can be used with most brands of 3D depth sensor cameras. Intel Realsense is our affordable favorite.

Any Linear Rail or AMR

Any Linear Rail or AMR

Increase your robot arm’s reachable workspace by adding additional DOF or a mobile base.

* Support for some types of hardware may require additional ROS development or fees.

Commercial Grade


Fast to Deploy

Our drag and drop user interface and automatic path generation approach reduces setup time. Our software can optionally be configured and diagnosed remotely through the internet, minimizing travel time.


Blazing Fast Cycle Times

We've optimized our motion controllers to automatically generate near-optimal trajectories while navigating environmental constraints and avoiding collisions.



PickNik has been deploying advanced manipulation for the past 8 years, including for NASA and many surgical robotics companies. Leverage our commercial-grade software to address most common pain points.

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