Solution Studies

Starting with your vision and success criteria, we perform a thorough technical analysis, architecture review, and risk assessment for your robotics project.


We will lead a series of discovery meetings and technical interviews with your team to understand your project goals, hurdles to success, and solution requirements. We’ll analyze the information in collaboration with you then detail our findings and recommendations in a 20+ page Solution Study that includes:

Use case definition

1. Use case definition

of well-aligned business drivers and mature robotic technologies

Assessment of risks

2. Assessment of risks

and mitigation strategies tailored to the technology maturity level

Architecture diagrams

3. Architecture diagrams

visually describing the high-level software and architecture layout of the proposed solution

MoveIt Pro Validation

4. MoveIt Pro Validation

to match capabilities and gaps to your specific use case

Technical Roadmap

5. Technical Roadmap

for your application including milestones and time estimates

Concept video

6. Concept video

created with MoveIt Pro that simulates your unique robotics application (optional)

Executive-Level Presentation

Executive-Level Presentation

Prior to delivering our final report we will do an executive level walkthrough communicating preliminary recommendations and clarifying any open issues so that you have the full context and confidence in the final solution design and report.



Time to value

We’ll give you the strategy, insights, and a plan to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.


Peace of mind

Once complete, you’ll know the next phase of work has been researched, planned, and discussed to ensure your robotics initiatives drive your business forward.


More hours in the week

Our experts have years of experience overcoming the hardest robotics challenges, they will free you up to focus on your business

"We really enjoyed having a PickNik solution study, I completely get how the process benefits both sides. The level of thoroughness of how they completed the report was impressive"

Nick Bush
Confinity Robotics



  • 20+ page Solution Study Report
  • Executive-Level Presentation
  • Next Phase Engagement Proposal
  • Concept Simulation Videos (optional)
Easy To Work With

Easy To Work With

Your success is our first priority, so you’ll find us accommodating and easy to work with.  Our legal contract to get started is a simple 1 page engagement letter. Solution Studies are reasonably priced starting at a $25,000 fixed fee and promise to deliver value many times that.

Partner with PickNik to envision your next robotics program