February 03, 2022

Hybrid Planning - Welding with the UR10e

by Henning Kayser, PickNik Robotics
Hybrid Planning - Welding with the UR10e

In 2021 the ROS 2 version of MoveIt acquired a novel motion planning architecture. With “Hybrid Planning” finally merged in December, it’s now possible to implement a whole new family of robot applications that require dynamic adaption or updates during trajectory execution. While the architecture is very versatile, the existing default implementations only give a glimpse on what Hybrid Planning is supposed to do in the future. For developers it was still lacking practical examples and design guidelines.

In order to fill this gap, PickNik and Fraunhofer IPA have been working on realizing an industrial robotic welding application using Hybrid Planning. The goal was to streamline the multi-step motion planning approach in an adaptive single-shot execution. This post gives some insights into the design and implementation of the pipeline, as well as our learnings along the way.

[ Read the full whitepaper here]