September 22, 2022

ROS Driver Development

by Dr. Nathan Brooks, CTO
ROS Driver Development

The Robot Operating System (ROS) has become the defacto standard for robotics interoperability around the world, allowing mobile bases, arms, cameras, sensors, and algorithms from different vendors to communicate seamlessly together. Today robotics hardware companies would be remiss to not support this standard, as most already do.

However, there are many challenges to developing and distributing high quality, standards-compliant drivers that leverage the latest features in ROS 2 and ROS Control. Many robotics companies have thus partnered with PickNik Robotics, a leader in ROS robot driver integration. PickNik has already been heavily involved with releasing the most popular ROS 2 drivers for robot arms, including the Universal Robots and ABB drivers. PickNik has a proven process and track record for driver creation, and leads both the MoveIt and ROS Control open source projects in collaboration with the ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee.

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