February 07, 2022

Online Trajectory Generation and Admittance Control in ROS2

by Andy Zelenak, Denis Stogl
Online Trajectory Generation and Admittance Contro

PickNik’s Andy Zelenak and Denis Stogl presented at ROS-World this past October where they explained the development of ‘Admittance Control in ROS2.’

One of the top reasons to upgrade from ROS1 to ROS2 is better suitability for realtime tasks. We discuss the development of a new ROS2 controller to handle realtime contact tasks such as tool insertion with industrial robots. The admittance controller handles trajectories and single-waypoint streaming commands, making it compatible with MoveIt and many teleoperation frameworks. Part of the work involved ensuring kinematic limits (position/velocity/acceleration/jerk) are obeyed while limiting interaction forces with the environment. Finally, we give practical recommendations and examples of the admittance controller. A live demo will be shown at our booth.

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