June 22, 2024

Satellite Servicing Demonstration

by David Yackzan

MoveIt Pro now features integrated Cartesian motion capabilities. We demonstrate these capabilities in a mock satellite laser-cutting application.

PickNik has developed Cartesian motion capabilities and integrated them into MoveIt Pro to support applications such as cutting and welding. In this video, we showcase these capabilities by guiding a laser on the surface of a mock satellite. The Cartesian motion functionality allows the robot end-effector to maintain a precise distance from the designated plane while tracing any desired shape. This can be used to guide tools to cut through insulation on a satellite to access components like fuel ports for servicing. Additionally, these capabilities can be employed to guide cutting or welding operations on satellite structures for assembly, disassembly, or repair.

The second part of the video shows the ability to identify objects in MoveIt Pro and plan paths relative to those objects. In our example, the robot identifies the mock launch adapter ring and performs an inspection of the circumference before planning and executing a successful grapple of the satellite.