June 15, 2024

PickNik Awarded SBIR Opportunities

by Ezra Brooks
PickNik Awarded SBIR Opportunities

We at PickNik Robotics are pleased to announce we have been awarded three NASA SBIR Phase 1 grants for 2024! We’re very glad to continue our long partnership with NASA. As a company, we aim to help advance unstructured robotics solutions across every industry, and space is the most unstructured environment of all.

Our Long Range Navigation Capabilities for Autonomous Mobile Manipulation and Lunar Autonomy Enabled by Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Space grants focus on improving the state of the art of navigation and SLAM algorithms for space exploration by adopting and combining cutting-edge terrestrial technologies with mature and robust space industry simulators and frameworks. The improvements made will support NASA’s Artemis Program and the Moon to Mars objectives

Additionally, the Accelerating Space Robot Operating System for a Sustainable Lunar Future grant will fund new developments and integrations in the Space ROS project to help ensure the interoperable future of space robotics and integrate ROS with existing flight software frameworks such as NASA’s Core Flight System (cFS).