February 24, 2023

BehaviorTree.CPP 4.0 was presented at ROSCon 2022

by Davide Faconti, Staff Engineer
BehaviorTree.CPP 4.0 was presented at ROSCon 2022

Behavior Trees are an alternative to Hierarchical State Machines that are becoming increasingly popular in Robotics. Compared to State Machines, they offer more composability, expressiveness and readability, allowing developers to create more complex and reusable behaviors.

Behavior Trees are currently a core feature of MoveIt Pro and many of our projects at Picknik; they are also used by Nav2, the most popular software stack to implement autonomous robot navigation.

In the ROS community, the leading software implementation is BehaviorTree.CPP, an open source library developed and maintained by Davide Faconti, staff engineer at PickNik. The version 4.0 of the software was released last October and presented by Davide at ROSCon 2022, in Japan, where it was warmly received by the audience.

To learn more about BehaviorTree.CPP 4.0 and how this new major version impacts developers, you can watch the video below; Davide’s presentation is currently one of the most watched videos in the ROSCon 2022 Vimeo channel.