January 13, 2022

Hybrid Planning - Enabling Reactive Manipulation with MoveIt 2

by Henning Kayser, Sebastian Jahr
Hybrid Planning - Enabling Reactive Manipulation w

PickNik’s Henning Kayser and Sebastian Jahr presented at ROS-World this past October where they explained how the concept of ‘Hybrid Planning’ works with MoveIt 2.

Traditionally, MoveIt’s motion planning pipeline follows the “Sense-Plan-Act” approach, where “Sense” is the initial perception of robot state and world, “Plan” the one-off computation of a global collision-free trajectory, and “Act” the execution of the trajectory with a single controller request. While this approach works well for static environments, it doesn’t allow reacting to changes in the world, sensor feedback, or new goals during execution.The new Hybrid Planning architecture for MoveIt 2 addresses this limitation. A pair of global and local planners continuously evaluate, compute and execute motion plans, enabling support for online adaptive and reactive robot motions.

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