September 21, 2021

Meet PickNik at ROS World 2021

by Dave Coleman
Meet PickNik at ROS World 2021

PickNik Robotics is proud to be a sponsor of ROS World 2021, October 19th through 21st!

ROS World is the place for ROS developers to come together online to learn from and network with the ROS community, in lieu of ROSCon, the in-person event. This year PickNik and the MoveIt community will present at ROS World with talks and workshops.

Day 0: 10/19/2021

Mobile Manipulation with MoveIt 2 and Hello Robot

10:00 - 14:00 (UTC-5): Charlie Kemp, Mark Moll

This workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to MoveIt 2 using Hello Robot’s Stretch platform. Participants will learn how to plan motions for a mobile manipulator. No prior ROS 2 or MoveIt 2 experience is necessary, but basic familiarity with core robotics concepts is assumed. The presenters will cover the trade-offs of different strategies for motion planning approaches, inverse kinematics, grasping, trajectory generation, and integration with a perception pipeline.

DAY 2: 10/21/2021

ros2_control: The future of ros_control

10:40 UTC-5: Bence Magyar, Denis Štogl, Victor Lopez, Jordan Palacios, Luca Marchionni, Karsten Knese

ros2_control is a robot-agnostic control framework with a focus on both real-time performance and sharing of controllers. The framework offers controller lifecycle and hardware resource management, as well as abstractions on hardware interfaces.

Controllers expose ROS interfaces for 3rd party solutions to robotics problems like manipulation path planning (MoveIt 2) and autonomous navigation (nav2). The modular design makes it ideal for both research and industrial use. A robot made up of a mobile base and an arm that supports ros2_control needs no extra code, only a few controller configuration files and it is ready to go.

Hybrid Planning - Enabling Reactive Manipulation with MoveIt 2

12:20 UTC-5: Henning Kayser, Sebastian Jahr

Traditionally, MoveIt’s motion planning pipeline follows the “Sense-Plan-Act” approach, where “Sense” is the initial perception of robot state and world, “Plan” the one-off computation of a global collision-free trajectory, and “Act” the execution of the trajectory with a single controller request. While this approach works well for static environments, it doesn’t allow reacting to changes in the world, sensor feedback, or new goals during execution. The new Hybrid Planning architecture for MoveIt 2 addresses this limitation. A pair of global and local planners continuously evaluate, compute and execute motion plans, enabling support for online adaptive and reactive robot motions.

Making a robot ROS 2 powered - a case study using the UR manipulators

13:10 UTC-5: Denis Štogl, Nathan Brooks, Lovro Ivanov, Andy Zelenak, Rune Søe-Knudsen

With the release of ros2_control and MoveIt 2, ROS 2 Foxy finally has all the “ingredients” needed to power a robot with similar features as in ROS 1. We present the driver for Universal Robot’s manipulators as a real-world example of how robots can be run using ROS 2. We show how to realize multi-interface support for position and velocity commands in the driver and how to support scaling controllers while respecting factors set on the teach pendant. Finally, we show how this real-world example influences development of ros2_control to support non-joint related inputs and outputs in its real-time control loop.

Online Trajectory Generation and Admittance Control in ROS2

13:30 UTC-5: Andy Zelenak, Denis Stogl

One of the top reasons to upgrade from ROS1 to ROS2 is better suitability for realtime tasks. We discuss the development of a new ROS2 controller to handle realtime contact tasks such as tool insertion with industrial robots. The admittance controller handles trajectories and single-waypoint streaming commands, making it compatible with MoveIt and many teleoperation frameworks. Part of the work involved ensuring kinematic limits (position/velocity/acceleration/jerk) are obeyed while limiting interaction forces with the environment. Finally, we give practical recommendations and examples of the admittance controller.

Machine assembly with ROS and multiple robot arms

13:40 UTC-5: Felix von Drigalski

We present a set of ROS packages to assemble machine parts using a multi-arm system, which were running the system of Team O2AC at the World Robot Summit 2020 Assembly Challenge. We show how to perform useful object manipulation, increase reliability under noisy perception, load parts into MoveIt, and we share lessons learned during development.

For information and signup about ROS World 2021, see here