December 17, 2020

PickNik Robotics Wins the Silicon Valley Robotics ‘Good Robot’ Industry Champion Award

by Alex Goldman
PickNik Robotics Wins the Silicon Valley Robotics

In their inaugural ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards, Silicon Valley Robotics has bestowed PickNik Robotics with the Champion Award. This award is given in recognition of service to the greater robotics community.

“We are so honored to receive this award. From the beginning PickNik was founded to be both a profitable company and a steward of the MoveIt open source framework,” said Dr. Dave Coleman, CEO of PickNik Robotics “Our whole team learns and grows through their interactions with the open source community and it truly feels like we get more back than we put in”

PickNik was chosen both for the services they provide to a diverse set of international clients and its leadership in development of the open source MoveIt Framework. MoveIt’s suite of motion planning, manipulations, and perception tools are a core component of the open source robotics ecosystem, built on the robotics operating system (ROS). These tools form the bedrock of many research and production level robotics implementations. Through conference talks and thought leadership, PickNik advocates for the adoption of ROS and MoveIt.

PickNik combines world-class robotics expertise and state of the art open source robotics frameworks to save its clients time and money. They offer flexible research, development, and support to ensure the success of their projects. They are also a sponsor and maintainer of MoveIt, supporting the open-source projects vibrant international community of collaborators and maintainers.

Silicon Valley Robotics is a non-profit coalition of robotics companies and startups based in northern california. Their mission is to support innovation and commercialization in the robotics space. The full list of ‘Good Robot’ Industry Champion Award winners is available at: