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What is MoveIt?

MoveIt is an open source robotics manipulation framework for developing new applications, prototyping designs, and benchmarking algorithms.

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MoveIt saved us approximately 6 months of development time and allowed us to get our products in front of customers well ahead of schedule.

Tom Hummel, VP Engineering, Kindred

Why MoveIt?


No license fees

Open source, business friendly, and non-copyleft usage



Use only the components you need to bootstrap your application


Fully customizable

You have full access to the source code so your team can modify

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Key MoveIt Components

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Motion Planning

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Inverse Kinematics

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Realtime Control

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3D Perception

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Collision Checking

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MoveIt is making advanced motion planning mainstream. It can easily reduce your time-to-market by years

Michael Ferguson, Entrepreneur and ROS Consultant

Three Primary Goals of MoveIt

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Enable building next-generation commercial manipulation applications through a modular platform to quickly build on.

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Advance international manipulation research by providing an open source infrastructure. No more reinventing the wheel.

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Compare the performance of algorithms, particularly planning algorithms, by providing a common platform for testing.

Download the journal publication on moveit

PickNik's Stewardship of MoveIt

PickNik was founded with the mission of growing the MoveIt project through community leadership and contract software development. We consider MoveIt our flagship product and build most of our projects off it, though notably MoveIt was originally conceived at Willow Garage. While PickNik leads the growth and maintenance of MoveIt, we believe it's important to acknowledge the vibrant international community of collaborators and maintainers that play a huge role by improving the software and adding new features.

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PickNik is a for-profit company that balances the need to improve the open source code of MoveIt with the need to develop proprietary and commercial software for our clients. PickNik also develops premium products to generate continued income, such as MoveIt Pro.

What PickNik does to improve the MoveIt project:

  • Has roughly 2 FTE dedicated to reviewing pull requests, fixing regressions, and adding new features to the open source.
  • Provides organizational leadership, outreach, and publicity.
  • Organizes many events throughout the year, including World MoveIt Day and MoveItCon.
  • Mentors interns and Google Summer of Code students to improve the code.
  • Runs monthly and weekly video call working groups for MoveIt developers.
  • Contributes portions of code from commercial projects back to improving MoveIt and ROS.
  • Makes binary/debian releases at intervals throughout the year.

We promise that:

  • We won't remove features from the open source codebase in order to make the same feature paid (features might be removed from the open source codebase due to changes in the application).
  • We will always release and open source all tests that we have for an open source feature.
  • The open source codebase will not contain any artificial limits (performance, etc.).
  • The majority of new MoveIt features made by PickNik will be open source.
  • We will always allow you to benchmark the performance of MoveIt.

Looking for a commercially supported version of MoveIt?

PickNik's MoveIt Pro platform is an easier to use, production-grade version of MoveIt that is ready to support your team's development efforts.

Learn more about MoveIt Pro