May 09, 2024

Event Spotlight- Attending Tactically Responsive Space Event with the US Space Force

by Dave Coleman
Event Spotlight- Attending Tactically Responsive S

On April 25th, PickNik Robotics representatives Dr. Dave Coleman, CEO, along with Jaclyn Ghareeb, Space Program Manager, had the honor of attending the Space Force Tactically Responsive Space (TacRS) Pitch Day event in Los Angeles, hosted by SpaceWERX. Both representatives took the stage to showcase PickNik’s significant contributions to the space industry and outline our ambitious goals for future collaborations in commercial space and government initiatives. It was an exciting opportunity for us to participate as part of the Inaugural Space Force I2A Cohort.

During the winter season, PickNik was delighted to receive the Space Force Direct to Phase II SBIR award for our groundbreaking project, “A Platform for Autonomous Robotic Assisted Capture of Resident Space Objects.” Jaclyn has been spearheading these efforts tirelessly throughout the Spring months. Our team is currently in the process of developing an end-to-end robotic arm system specifically designed for capturing both cooperative and non-cooperative objects (satellites) in space using robot-equipped space vehicles. This comprehensive system includes creating a high-fidelity simulation and digital twin, designing and implementing cutting-edge algorithms for seamless grappling and capture maneuvers, selecting and integrating a state-of-the-art robotic hardware system integrated with MoveIt Pro Space, and showcasing the full capture maneuver in a relevant ground testing environment with an air table. We aim to accomplish all of this within the remaining 13 months of this program.

Our journey at Space Force TacRS and our ongoing project encapsulate PickNik’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of space technology and innovation, marking significant strides in advancing autonomous robotics in space exploration. We are excited about the opportunities ahead and are dedicated to delivering exceptional results in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders.