May 03, 2021

Universal Robots Beta driver release

by Dr. Dave Coleman
Universal Robots Beta driver release

Universal Robots, PickNik, and FZI are proud to announce a ROS2 driver for the entire line of UR robots! This is one of the very first ROS2 manipulator drivers. Some of the new features enabled by ROS2 include decreased latency, improved security, and more flexibility with regard to middleware configuration. Launch files to get started quickly and easily with MoveIt2 are included.

The new driver supports nearly all of the original ROS1 driver’s capabilities and should feel familiar to ROS1 users. It is compatible across the entire line of UR robots – from 3 kg payload to 16 kg payload and including the E-series. We look forward to seeing lots of new and creative applications, just as we’ve seen in ROS1!

The installation instructions can be found here. As this is the official Beta release, please leave feedback for the developers as issues.