March 02, 2020

MoveIt Selected as GSoC Organization

by Rob Coleman
MoveIt Selected as GSoC Organization

We are pleased to announce that for the first time, MoveIt has been selected as a mentor organization for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC). GSoC is an international program in which Google awards stipends to students who complete a free and open-source software coding project during a three month period. Details about the program can be found here

Ideas for possible projects are listed here. If you are a student who enjoys working on MoveIt, this is your chance. At a minimum you should have experience with ROS. Ideally, you have also worked with MoveIt before. Almost all projects require experience with programming in C++. Now is the time to discuss your interest in a particular project on Discourse or, when appropriate, on Github. I highly recommend to engage with the MoveIt community before submitting an application.

We are excited to see the progress made this summer!



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