January 16, 2019

PickNik Keynote at ROS Industrial Conference 2018

by Dr. Nathan Brooks

From public funding opportunities to the latest technologies in software and system integration, this year’s 2018 ROS-Industrial European Conference in Stuttgart, Germany in December offered a varied and top-class program to more than 150 attendees. For the sixth year in a row, Fraunhofer IPA organized a ROS event in Stuttgart to present the status of ROS in Europe and to discuss existing challenges. Once again, ROS-I highlighted the combination of robotics and IT to hardware and applications.

PickNik’s Dr. Dave Coleman presented a keynote and spoke on the topic of “Open Source Robotics: for Fun and Profit”. He elaborated on how PickNik has grown from a personal hobby in graduate school to a fast growing consulting firm that promotes open source software. He also discussed and shared with attendees many learnings and struggles from growing the MoveIt project.