May 22, 2020

Robobusiness Talk: Future of Robotic Manipulation

by Dr. Dave Coleman
Robobusiness Talk: Future of Robotic Manipulation

Learn about industry trends in advanced robotic manipulation by watching Dave Coleman’s Robobusiness Direct 2020 talk online now. This year’s Robobusiness conference was online-only due to the Coronavirus, but attendance was still in the hundreds.


Robotic manipulation has been commercially deployed in factories for over half a century, but why do we not see robot arms in our everyday lives? The dream of more advanced, non-industrial manipulation is perhaps around the corner, but there are various market forces making innovation in this space difficult. In this session, Dave Coleman, CEO of PickNik Robotics, will present how the Robot Operating System (ROS) and MoveIt is addressing those difficulties. ROS has become a de facto standard for robotics development around the world. One of the most popular components within ROS is MoveIt, software platform for advanced robotics manipulation, including mobile manipulation. Yet despite its popularity, many challenges must be overcome for MoveIt to achieve fast planning for complex global motion. This is one of the main development goals of MoveIt 2, which is enabled by ROS 2, a second generation, commercially hardened and technically extended version of ROS.


Acclerate Your Robotics Development

About PickNik: Robots are complex systems that require a wide breadth of expert knowledge spanning multiple disciplines, making robotics development extremely difficult and costly. Since 2015, PickNik’s mission has been to address this technical challenge while dramatically reducing development time for advanced robotic applications. To achieve this, PickNik supports and collaborates with the worldwide open source robotics movement, providing companies with cutting edge research and barrier-free open source software.

PickNik is rooted with a strong background in robotics theory combined with applied software experience to provide unique solutions. Robotics companies including Google, Amazon, Kindred, and many others are partnering with PickNik to develop robotic applications to address the toughest issues through software consulting, custom development, and other initiatives. By working together, we can accomplish far more than by working alone.

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