September 16, 2020

RIA Robotics Week 2020: Advances in Robotic Picking and Grasping

by Dr. Dave Coleman, CEO
RIA Robotics Week 2020: Advances in Robotic Pickin

Dr. Dave Coleman spoke on a panel at RIA Robotics Week 2020 on the topic “Innovation Barriers: Why Robot Arms Vendors Need More Openness”. He was joined by representatives from Berkshire Grey, Kindred AI, Photoneo, Dexterity, and CapSen Robotics. You can catch his recording for the next few months on RIA’s website here.

Dave Coleman’s Talk Abstract

Robotic manipulation has been commercially deployed in factories for over half a century, but why do we not see robot arms in our everyday lives? The dream of more advanced, non-industrial manipulation is perhaps around the corner, but there are various market forces making innovation in this space difficult. In this session, Dave Coleman, CEO of PickNik Robotics, will share his experiences developing advanced manipulation applications in a diverse range of industries using both off the shelf and custom robot arms. The Robot Operating System (ROS) and MoveIt will be proposed as one solution for addressing the difficulties of openness.