Robot Arm Dev Kit
with UR5e

Our flagship robot arm hardware for R&D labs and startups,
as well as space companies needing a robot ground demonstration.

$59k Shipping not included

Don’t waste time with hardware
and software integration

Our plug and play robot arm developer kit is guaranteed to be compatible with MoveIt Pro, ROS 2, and many other industry standards. We’ve done the hard work of ensuring all ROS drivers, MoveIt configurations, and other real time control issues are ironed out.

Easy setup
in one day

PickNik has been deploying advanced manipulation for the past 7 years, including for NASA and many surgical robotics companies. Leverage our space-grade software we’ve built to address the common pain points we’ve seen in deploying robot arms.

Advanced Functionality

Combining the UR5e robot arm with PickNik’s powerful MoveIt Pro software enables you to bring robotics out of the factory and into more dynamic, unstructured environments using our computer vision-based scene understanding, automatic motion planning, and collision avoidance.

Launch turn-key applications that leverage our Scan, Pick, and Place capabilities, such as Bin Picking, and then easily customize them.

Advanced Functionality
Industry Leading Hardware

Industry Leading Hardware

We’ve chosen some of the most common hardware in the robotics industry to ensure you have a reliable and easy experience including:

  • Universal Robotics UR5e Arm
  • Robotiq 2 Finger End Effector
  • 2x Intel Realsense
  • Intel NUC
  • Vention Heavy-Duty Mobile Stand
See MoveIt Pro UR5e Dev Kit Tech Specs
Leave the details to us

Leave the details to us

Our Dev Kit includes a custom 3D printed wrist camera mount, a rolling Vention stand, and all the cables and bolts you need

The support your company needs

The support your company needs

With the MoveIt Pro Developer Platform, customize your bin picking solution to your precise needs using pre-built components or custom C++ and Python extensions, achieving the ideal blend of default features and tailored solutions.

Future proof your robotics program

Future proof your robotics program

We realize a UR5e may not be the final manipulation you need for your robotics program, and so our software is ready to grow with you.

Ready to Get Started?

Get in touch with our experienced team to explore how MoveIt Pro can meet your specific bin picking robotics development needs.