MoveIt Pro Enhanced with NVIDIA GPU Acce

MoveIt Pro Enhanced with NVIDIA GPU Acceleration

by Nathan Brooks, CTO

PickNik Robotics is excited to announce the enhancement of our flagship product, MoveIt Pro, through the integration with NVIDIA’s CuMotion motion planner, which is built on top of NVIDIA’s research project cuRobo. The enhancement was unveiled at the NVIDIA GTC conference, where CuMotion was introduced as a key component of the Isaac Manipulator suite of libraries. This collaboration harnesses the power of GPU-accelerated motion control, offering it as an optional feature for enterprises leveraging MoveIt Pro.

MoveIt Pro is engineered to revolutionize the deployment of robotic arm and manipulation automation. Tailored for the complexities of unstructured robotics environments that are unpredictable, MoveIt Pro streamlines the development process, facilitating the creation of advanced robotics applications that dynamically respond to varying conditions through machine learning. By expediting the journey from concept to production, MoveIt Pro increases return on investment and decreases time to market, slashing software engineering efforts by up to 75%. It enables swift prototyping and deployment of robotic automation, providing pre-configured behavior sequences while allowing the integration of custom software solutions. Its hardware-neutral design supports a wide array of commercial and custom robotic arms, offering scalable and versatile solutions without the constraints of vendor exclusivity.

NVIDIA’s Isaac Manipulator offers state-of-the-art dexterity and modular AI capabilities for robotic arms, with a robust collection of foundation models and GPU-accelerated libraries. Up to an 80x speedup in path planning and zero-shot perception increases efficiency and throughput, enabling developers to automate a greater number of new robotic tasks.

“We’re excited about the rapid replanning capabilities that GPU acceleration will bring to many of our customers building solutions for unstructured environments.” said Nathan Brooks, CTO of PickNik Robotics. Clients of MoveIt Pro already benefit from the power of NVIDIA Jetson hardware, including the Jetson AGX, for their manipulation, ML pipeline, and image processing applications. In the near future, they will also be able to integrate CuMotion and other elements of the Isaac Manipulator suite into their MoveIt Pro environments.

MoveIt Pro is a trusted, commercial-grade software development and runtime platform utilized by leading global corporations, known for its robust and thoroughly tested framework. It is adept at deploying real-world robotic automation solutions confidently across a variety of sectors. We invite you to contact us for more information to learn more about how our GPU-accelerated solutions can transform your unstructured robotics applications.