November 03, 2021

How to build MoveIt2 on ROS Rolling

by Tyler Weaver

Transcript: Hey, this is Tyler. Welcome to another episode of Ross developer nets. Today, I’m going to walk you through what you got to do if you want to build, move it to on rolling. Um, right now we don’t have a rolling release, hopefully soon we will. And for this video will explain why, and it’ll walk you through the steps. Uh, also posted, uh, all the steps that I do in the description of this video. So even install a rolling, that’s pretty obvious, I guess. So first thing with you is source our install. Rolling. Uh, I use the Esh, um, I sourced that one anyway. I gotta make a directory to do this in.

I call it, uh, and we got to go there and then I need to check out the movie to repo. So I’m using the get hub command line tool. It’s awesome. You should use it. All right. So, um, what was the checking out? Um, you can’t just build what’s right on main. Uh, you need to use a PR that I’ve created. Um, pretty soon, hopefully we’ll be able to merge it. Um, it adds a test to see eye, to be able to build a re rolling and a fixes, a few of the issues in the movie repo, um, make it compatible with rolling and Foxy. So, um, just check out. Might take a little while. So, uh, we can talk about what the, I guess larger issues are with rolling around with the larger issue is rolling. Is we, there are a lot of upstream repose of moving to, and you’ll see that in a bit.

When I download all those upstream reposts, um, they are not all released for rolling. So you have to build those two and there’s one repo that is nearly compatible rolling, but not yet. And that is a movement to control. Um, Bhutan created a VR that makes it compatible and hopefully soon that gets merged or something else that makes it compatible. Um, and then hopefully all this packages get released and then we can release ours. Rolling, use it, but as it is right now, um, you want to use move it to on rolling if the source just, just fine. Um, I’m in a hotel cause I’m onsite customer doing work. That’s why not my normal office. And you don’t see the face in this video cause I don’t have my camera with me or lights.

Um, the internet here in the hotel is, uh, now where I’m used to downloading move it to his apparently. Well, um, that being said, we’re, we’re really excited about the galactic release because there were a bunch of bug fixes improvements over Foxy that are coming into galactic and, um, galactic, my understanding of it is it’s um, sort of rolling frozen in time. It’s all the good stuff it’s on rolling, uh, cut into a release and we hope to be able to release, move it for galactic. Um, that mostly depends on our upstream repos being released for galactic as, and uh, also rolling, like rolling if they release for galactic, they can release for rolling at the same time, because it’s the same thing right now.

My understanding of rolling it’s it’s much like shadow fixed was for Ross and wine. It’s just like trying to get more people to use it, which I think is really good because I, I don’t know how much testing shadow fixed actually got outside of the core team on Ross. Um, and so when you release something and it sat in shadow fixed, I mean, I hope people were testing it. I, I know we didn’t always test stuff in general, fixed red to make RCI test the ice system best stuff and ever detect any issues. I guess that’s estimate to how stable a race code was, is almost there. Bill internet. So sad today and 26 bullets a second.

I forget what it’s like to be on bad internet until I am on Ooh, one, a little faster. We go. Um, I’m going to open a new tab here and I can open a, uh, notes file and show you what all the mans are that I intend to run. Uh, these are the commands I intend to run. Um, break them up a bit. First block is just checking out the repo and stuff. Um, uh, second one is Jr move it or downloading, move it, get a revoke loan and then seeding into it and changing to the PR that we need. And then we need to do a VCs import that PR has a refills file with all the, um, packages you need to build, to be able to build the with and rolling, and then Ross to control. We have to check out this one, package you a raw step for everything.

And then last week we build, um, I probably won’t build in this video as you all know what that looks like, but trust me, this works. At least I’m testing it right now and it works it before I made this for we’ll go back and see what it looks like. Um, 93%, we’re almost there, um, make that, make that a hundred percent it, the like, and subscribe. So, you know, and PickNik posts, new videos and I’m around you also find us on discord. I know I’ve plugged that many times, but we were, I really am on there all the time. And it’s a great way to chat with us and guess about issues you’re having or bugs you find, um, less formal than a get hub issue. And we’ll probably respond a little faster, also nice to chat with people. Okay. If you’re using. Alright. Okay. We’re there. We got it. All right. So I’m going to see into the movie thing and I’m going to do get hub PR check out, uh, of, for therapy for that’s the PR that, um, let’s move it build, uh, cross to alright, future. Um, now we have to do the clone. So VCs and board, uh, move it to move it to [inaudible] rolling.

Repos. All right, here we go. This might actually take a little while and these might be the end of the video. Um, eh, no, it’s, it’s working pretty quick. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just move it to as bad is a big repo. I wanted to show you all these checking out are the ERs do control of that. Thanks for Bhutan for making them, um, go to the much less form, her less error video than many of my previous ones. He waiting on it. This is useful. This some if, uh, only because the description down below has the instructions for building rolling. Anyone would like to test that out or develop enrolling or one of the big benefits of using rolling. Is there a lot of bug fixes? Um, a lot of new features in ROS two are awesome that have been merged recently and the only way to use those as the user rolling. Great.

I use it, my active development locally, um, Abed. It’s just the, um, based O and P L. Absolutely. So that’s one of the things we do have to build from sources. You know, another thing, oh, another thing I’m going to note is there are a lot of deprecation warnings that you’ll see if you build for rolling and all we’ve done so far is makes up build. We haven’t gone. And he did any of the deprecation warnings. Eventually. I hope to do that or I hope somebody does, but for now it builds based on this PR and current state of rolling today. Uh, you, the nature of rolling this will not always be true.

I mean, I hope it’s always billed, but this PR might build on rolling. We’re able to adapt quick. Billy use rolling regularly. Oh, come on. Well, yeah, I have another, uh, I’ll just show you guys. So, uh, uh, I have a, uh, yeah, uh, poco machine. Alright. Um, I have this, this one and if I go in here and I go into, um, cross to control, you’ll see I’m on PR transmission, uh, ad macro. And that’s because I did, I get, um, PR checkout for one for, and, um, interactions with guys who are really struggling right now. But I go up here. Um, I mean I knew once I had to source Ross role, psh, I’m going to do a pro-con build spin. If you don’t know that it makes sense. You should learn about mixing. Um, it’s great. Um, it, it makes it a lot of shorthand, so yeah, all this stuff builds. Um, I’m just going to end the video here. Um, you can trust me that it, it does complete right now. Um, thank you for watching. This is raised your Russ, I Q a good night.