December 29, 2021

PickNik's Getting Started With MoveIt 2 YouTube Series episode 3

by Tyler Weaver

Transcript: Hello, and welcome to video three in this series about tutorials and really a video about what it’s like to keep tutorials working. Um, we started it out by walking through installing and setting up the tutorials that you can use them. And we noticed an issue with the pay H and then I showed you how to, to contribute to the tutorials and in the process of doing a code review on a tutorial change, I, uh, noticed that a web, the website needed updated. And then I found that Theon had already come here and updated the website and needs a review, or this can get merged. Um, so, uh, we’re here to show you how to review changes to the move it website itself. It’s really pretty doable. So first thing you need do is you actually need a copy of move it itself locally. Um, I like using the GitHub command line client. Um, come over here to this. Um, I’m gonna clone it here. Uh, that’s all you do. Wow. I already have it. All right. Um, let’s see, we’re gonna clone 6 23, another feature, the, get a command line client, uh, uh, PR check out 6 23.

This will download the change so we can look at what it’s changing right now. I am going to, there is this build locally function as to like install some stuff, I think be able to work and it’s gonna build the website locally and then load it. And there it is, it it’s really actually pretty amazing, so we can poke around here and we’re gonna see if we can find the page that, uh, Theon changed and do a review of it. So we come over here and we look at this, um, what is he doing in the install nav? He’s adding something. So it’s go into install. I bet it’s under move it too. Yep. Now there’s this binary install. We go to the actual website. It’s not there. Okay. So binary install. I think it should be binary install Linux, because it’s many offers instructions for, uh, 24.

So that’s a, I’m gonna comment on that. Uh, where is binary slot? Um, or let’s see, uh, cause someday, uh, we actually do people that are working on, um, making move at work on windows. Uh, we might have a binary software windows, so, um, and the source installs is letting so I think for consistency with, without that. Um, so all right, we’re gonna start review. All right. So that was the first thing affirmative all right, let’s go see a what website you created. Oh, this is cool. All right, so inaudible it. You install Ross. Um, see, let’s go check. Make sure this link works, uh, installing Ross to via Debbie’s. Yep. This is the right page. All right. I think works, um, and install in 24. Yeah, this is literally all you have to do to install movie. Um, and then let’s see what this is. Okay. This is first tutorial. Sweet. It’s it’s awesome link. Is there, uh, source builds, you build instruc LX D container, uh, native you bunch. You, if you’re unable to run, um, we use virtual bugs, we sure. To enable virtualization in your bias. Okay. Uh, if target plan release processes. Okay, cool. Yeah, I, I think this is awesome. Let’s check out the gala galactic one. All right. So gala galactic, uh, let’s check out the link, make sure that’s good. Um, is this gala galactic gala galactic focal. Okay.

Um, yeah. Yeah. That’s the instructions for galactic, um, and getting started tutorial. Good. Make sure this thing works is where we think it does. Okay. Boxy. Okay. Yep. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yep. That is all correct. Someday. I’d like to see this updated to use mixing, but, you know, uh, if you’re a rockstar and watched the video two videos ago about how to get started with tutorials, you already know about mixing anyway, uh, LXD containers. Let’s make sure that link works. Um, yeah. Need instructions for LXD someday update these to include some newer versions, uh, about our release process every few months. Um, see that I really like this thing that, that is slick. Um, right. We’re installing rolling little than that.

This is rolling. Yeah. It is rolling. New artwork with rolling, which is super cool. Oh, that’s something interesting. Oh no, that is artwork with on the website and there’s the Foxy out right? Rolling artwork is brand new. I just ordered a shirt. If you want one, you should head over to Ross discord and the post about it in order self a shirt. Um, so this is how you install it. Um, I’m just gonna verify that it does work, you know, that’s, that’s one thing about doing reviews is make sure that this is gonna work. Um, so I’m gonna new tab case that like someone wood.

Yeah. Sweet, rolling. Move it rolling is installed on my machine. Awesome. Uh, I wish this had like that coffee button that GitHub has. We commented that about our website and a lot of that stuff. And, um, I know I’m gonna figure out how to do that. GitHub, GitHub out that feature. And that’s really cool. Uh, really like this. This is cool. Uh, yeah. All right. Uh, the rest of the kinds are same for every distribution latest. Okay. This is some advice. Uh, we recommend Foxy for the latest stable LTS distribution needs co galactic for general use case. That is the least speech, a stable distribution rolling for contributing to MoveIt two. All right, cool. There is the currently the main branch of MoveIt two is tested, uh, and should compile with both that. I don’t know if I like this raising, um, for Foxy, please use the Foxy branch and the relevant build instructions go well. Um, is, uh,

Supporter not Foxy, please use the Foxy branch and, uh, there, uh, yeah, right. So that’s how you submit overview to the website. Um, and, uh, like, uh, um, versions of Ross. So, uh, yeah, this is literally all there is to it. This is how you can contribute. Um, it’s a great way to get started in the community is, uh, updating these changes and helping those who are trying to make these changes updated is super on top of this and just knock this other park and, um, suffering a little bit of feedback and get ‘em to fix this stuff and we’ll merge it anyway. Uh, we are going back the website with the getting started tutorial in the next video. Um, join us for that. And if this, uh, this video has raised your Ross at queue, please find me on discord and say, hi, you also, you know, like subscribe a all that stuff. Um, make sure you, I always get the latest videos from us at PickNik and onto the next one.