December 29, 2021

PickNik's Getting Started With MoveIt 2 YouTube Series episode 2

by Tyler Weaver

Transcript: Hello, I’m Tyler again, and this is Ross developer notes, and this is the second, uh, part of a series on the move at two tutorials. In the last one, we walked through this page, the getting started page and we found some stuff that was wrong with it. And so now I’m gonna talk to you about how you can contribute, fixing those things. And, and specifically, the thing that I found that was wrong with it is it’s cloning move at two, and this will close the default branch. Default branch only builds rolling a galactic, but these tutorials target Foxy. Um, this could cause a lot of confusion when out there did this and didn’t know about that. Come submit an issue and, and hopefully we would deal with it, but I could show you how you could fix it if you knew what the answer is, which we do.

Um, so if you were to just scroll to the top of this page, there’s this link, it says edit on GitHub because this website is a GitHub is on GitHub. All right, come over here. Here is where this page is. Now. I got a little secret. Uh, I share with you guys, I made a PR a couple days ago to fix this issue. Um, and then I saw some other guy who also works at PickNik. Baton was like, wait, like this whole page. It could be updated to give better advice. Right? Remember in the last video, we, if you haven’t watched each should go back and watch it. But in the last video we didn’t actually clone move it too. Um, and the reason is because it’s been released for Foxy. So you just use the release version, it’ll build a lot faster. And if you’re actually working off of a Foxy, that’s the version you should use.

Um, so instead of editing this page age, which you could by clicking on this button and it helped you submit a poll request, um, let’s go here to the poll request and I’ll first show you my, uh, attempt at fixing this. Um, here’s my poll request. This is really kind of naive move it to now as a Foxy branch tutorial should be updated. So here is what I wanted to do. I just wanted to add that B branch Foxy and Baton came along and, and he very nicely said, should we add a comment here supporting rolling gala galactic and cross two branches should be used in that case and tagged me. And I agreed with him. They’re like, yeah, like we should and make this have a lot more useful information and, uh, share with our new users how they can get started in those various different cases and, and, um, Baton just volunteered to fix it.

So, uh, I closed this PR, um, let see I closed it. Uh, I should have deleted the branch, but now, now I’ve deleted the branch. Um, we go over here to poll requests and we find update, install instructions, a minor cleanup from Baton. Now, one of the really critical parts of how we collaborate on GitHub is code reviews. And even if you are unsure about things or you don’t know how you can contribute one great way to get started contribute is doing code reviews because, uh, you are the perfect person to look critically. If, if you’re just getting started at the documentation for people who are just getting started, um, this is an awesome way to get started. So we’re gonna walk through doing a code review of this, and what’s an, so you click on this files changed, and we’re gonna read this. Now, this is the diff uh, the diff on the, on the left shows, what’s going away and on the right shows what’s happening, uh, uh, what the changes are.

And I’ll talk you through what some of these changes mean. And another way look at this website that’s really helpful is to look at the like rich text version of it. So lemme start here. Um, first thing I noticed is that he’s putting spaces between move it and the number two, and that’s actually really good. So this is another, just kinda like stylistic thing. Um, this is the it that like Ross, uh, presents itself. It has a style guide and it says that there’s a space between Ross and the version, whether that’s one or two or, uh, maybe in the future, there’ll be a three and move. It has the same style guide on our website. If you were to go to, uh, move it raw org, our website for move it. And you were to go about and go to the press kit. This has guidelines about that.

Like the very first thing it says is that for specific mentions of, uh, move it’s written and move it space two, move it phase three. Uh, and, and that move it is like is a brand. And, and we wanna, um, convey it as professionally as possible. So we have standards around things like this. So he’s updating that. That’s, that’s really good. It’s a, it’s a minor cleanup. Um, so that’s, what’s happening there. All right. This one same thing. Ross is, should be Ross space two. Um, the, the tutorials rely on the master of that, which requires a build from source it’s no longer true.

This is what he wrote. The tutorials rely on the master branch, remove it two, which can be built from source or binaries. I think that a little, little confusing because it no longer relies on the master branch of move it two. There is no master branch. We have a main branch, but on a master branch, uh, P just make sure you install, move it two for, for your distribution of choice by following instructions from the official website. Okay. So he’s linking to the website as to how you can build or how you can install things. That’s actually really helpful because it’s good that we have a single point of truth. So that was another thing that came up in this is like the website has install instructions that tutorials have with install instruc. They might get outta sync and make people confused, and we should just really have one source of truth.

Um, I think this line is a little confusing. So I’m gonna show you how to leave a comment. You click on this, um, and you can click this button if you want to suggest a change. So the tutorials rely on the, uh, uh, well master branch. It’s not the master branch that they rely on. These tutorials rely on the project. Maybe, uh, the Ross project cross Ross is capitalized Ross, two project move, a two, which can be development source or, uh, installed, uh, from bins. All right. Uh, please make sure you install, I’ll move it to for your distribution install or build, move it to for your distribution of choice by following the instructions from the official website and it links to the website. All right, well, let’s make sure this link is the link you want go there.

All right. So this, this source build, um, make sure these are correct. Oof. So if this is for Foxy, that’s not correct. So we’re going to have to update the official website if this is for Foxy, um, direction or writeups and this rebuild, assuming you’re using that. Um, well, that’s going to be a problem. I think maybe those should, like, we should have a new page here. So we should talk about that. I’m gonna create an issue for this, because this is confusing and we should talk about what to do. So in stall, Ross has the Ross install, and this is now incorrect because of our, uh, because we had the branch. So, um, uh, so I’m gonna first talk about how we

Don’t have a master branch of Mo move it to it is now it, it, it is a main branch. Uh, these two Bo not necessarily depend on that branch in the future. We might need a, um, split between, um, rush versions of move it to for the tutorials. Um, but until then, we should just say it depends on move it to, um, so secondly, the instructions on the website do not mention, you need to use the, uh, the boxy wrench, boxy branch, uh, move it two, um, spelled terrible spelling. Uh, you don’t need to use the Foxy branch or move it two, uh, one Foxy. Uh, lastly, what of the site does not offer instructions for binary installs, um, could be pointed out that unless someone is using, um, think we should encourage users on Foxy to install binaries and users on Foxy and the LATIC and encourage users want the latest features to build rolling from users who want source to use rolling.

All right. So I asked a bunch of questions in here, and this is literally all you do. When you do a code review, you, you look at it, you think about it and try to provide some feedback. So, um, I will start a review. That’s the first, that’s what you have to do. Um, so that’s the first comment I’m gonna leave, um, building movement from source, skip the following, uh, else, create a workspace. Um, let’s see, uh, I don’t know how to change this, but, uh, we should point out that if you have another workspace where you built it on source, you’ll need source that workspace also you’ll to build that tutorials and sorts, or can our, this isn’t least yet, or Foxy, don’t think we have a release of the tutorials yet. Right. All right. I’m just asking questions. Um, oh yeah. Okay. I see down here, he does have building, so he split this up. Um, he did, um, clean, clean that up. Don’t ask that question. Uh, update comment. All right. Uh, so, oh, so he, has you building the, putting the tutorials in that workspace, I guess that’s fine. Um, yeah, this is fine.

Uh, I’ll delete that. Yeah, this is complicated enough. Um, yep. Oh, and then this uses the rust thing, which is excellent. All right, cool. So I’m gonna, I, I,

Uh, and just can’t say that. All right. So that’s how you submit a review. That’s as simple as it is. And it’s it’s, this is how you do open source. This is how you contribute. This is how you make the project better for everyone and how you can improve it for others. So if you’re a beginner to the project, come do a review. It’s really, really helpful. Um, and it, if you find something that’s broken in the tutorials, please comment on it. Like we don’t always know when things break in the tutorials and we’re not always doing the tutorials. Cause a lot of this information, we just, you off hand from doing it a lot. And it it’s sort of the, the curse of using it all the time is we, we, we don’t, um, understand what newcomers, uh, are going through when they’re doing this. So don’t assume that it’s always working come and, um, help us make it better for everyone. So there’s that now remember there was that issue with the website and I’ll show you how to interact with the move it website. So the move it website is also get repo.

Um, so remember this one right here, website, that’s this thing over here. What is that? Looks like it’s OK. Cat from GitHub. So if I click on that, look it to is a website, right? No, that just took me to move it to itself. Anyway. Uh, how do I edit this website? Well, I think it is just this. No, I’m gonna find it. Oh, it’s not move it to org. It’s move it. Dot org. Yeah. That’s where it is. All right. Here’s the website. We need to submit an issue. Um, oh, John is way out of us. All right. Um, yeah. Well this needs a review too. Um, so this looks like all your HTL. Next video. I’ll show you how to leave a review on this. laugh, uh, leaving a review on the website is a little more complicated cuz you wanna build it locally and see what it looks like. So you can comment on whether you think the, the formatting looks nice and, and all the rest of that. Uh, it’s a lot harder. Like you can go over here, the rich diff and it looks nothing like the website. So, um, I’m gonna show you how to do that next

Video. This is, uh, raised your Rossa Q please. Like describe comment. Um, you can find me on discord, I’m on the, move it to discord and also on GitHub. Um, please come join us and contributing to move it and improving open source robotics for all of us. Thank you.