2023 SMC-IT/SCC Workshop on Space Robotics Software

This workshop is part of the IEEE SMC-IT/SCC 2023 conference. The conference will be held at Caltech in Pasadena, CA, USA on 18-21 July 2023.


There is a growing need for robots in space. Applications range from station keeping aboard space stations, performing in-space servicing, assembly and manufacturing, and lunar/planetary exploration. This workshop will discuss software needs for these different use cases, to what extent these needs could benefit from common software frameworks, and the role of open source software for space robotics.

The one-day workshop will be divided into two halves, divided by a lunch break. We intend to invite speakers and robot demonstrations. The purpose is to provide a general overview of the state of robotics in space, highlight specific topics our speakers have encountered in their experiences, and host a collaborative session to review the current state of robotics and robot software development for space missions. We intend that at the end of the workshop, attendees understand the current state of robotics in space, participate in recommendations for the future, and better understand the robotics community.


Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2023, all-day
Location: Caltech, Pasadena, CA. Gates Annex, Linus Pauling Lecture Hall (room 22)

  • 10:15 Ezra Brooks (Senior Engineer at PickNik Robotics) Building the Next Generation of Space Software
  • 10:45 Shaun Azimi (Leader of the Dexterous Robotics Team at NASA JSC) Remote Robotic Operations Supporting Human Space Exploration
  • 11:15 Stephen Hart (TRACLabs) The BRASH Toolkit for ROS2 and Flight Software Interoperability
  • 11:45 Lunch break
  • 1:30 Kalind Carpenter (JPL) Helicopter Architectural decisions for autonomy challenges
  • 2:00 Sarah Withee (JHAPL) Operational challenges for robots in the lunar environment: implications for software development
  • 2:30 Hiro Ono (JPL) To Boldly Go Where No Robots Have Gone Before – EELS Robot to Spearhead a New Space Exploration Paradigm of Diving into the Unknowns
  • 3:00 Break
  • 3:15 Eddie Tunstel (Motiv) Software Considerations for ISAM Robotics Capabilities
  • 4:00 The Future of Space Robotics Panel


  • Mark Moll (Director of Research, PickNik Robotics)
  • Sean Kolk (Director of Business Development, PickNik Robotics)
  • Dave Coleman (CEO, PickNik Robotics)


Please contact the organizers at hello@picknik.ai with any questions.