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Solve your hardest unstructured robotics problems, that have variability and changing environments.

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"There are few others in the industry of robotics with the capability of PickNik, especially capabilities as expansive as their abilities with dexterous manipulator control.”
NASA Johnson Space Center
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One Development Platform - Many Applications

Reduce R&D costs and speed up your team's time to market with commercial-grade software for robot arms.

MoveIt Pro Runtime & Developer Platform

Your solution partner in developing advanced robotic arm applications.

Our experts co-develop with you and your engineering team to ship ground breaking solutions.

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Our Partners

  • "The final product worked seamlessly and was accompanied by extremely thorough documentation of usage, several additional features, and improvements that we hadn't specifically asked for. It was the best experience I've had working with an external consultant."

    Dr. Bhaskara Marthi Head of Robotics
  • "We wanted to collaborate with a leading robotics company that has deep expertise working in complex environments. PickNik Robotics fits those criteria."

    Steve Lindsey Chief Strategy Officer & former astronaut
  • “I highly recommend PickNik. They demonstrated a strong ability to navigate ambiguity and help define the requirements”

    Daniel Aden Engineering
  • “Always striving to make sure problems are not swept under the rug, that the best solutions are employed, that clean and correct code is written...efficient, high quality code.”

    Dr. Ioan Sucan Senior Software Engineer
  • “PickNik’s partnership with us is hugely instrumental in making these systems successful.”

    Aaron Edsinger CEO & Cofounder
  • "The PickNik team have made great contributions to our Surgical robotics R&D with consultancy work on robotics and real-time SW. I am always very happy with the quality of SW (exceptional design, coding and code reviews) and their commitment to Verb's project schedule."

    Dr. Haoran Yu Head of Robotics
Arm agnostic

100% Robot Arm Agnostic

We have worked on nearly every robot brand and type in the world. From custom hardware to off the shelf robots, we have the experience you need. We've created the ROS drivers for many of the popular robots which are used in the field today.

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