Space ROS

An open-source space robotics framework for developing flight-quality robotic and autonomous space systems.

Our Goal

Ease the adoption of the popular Robot Operating System (ROS) framework into space-rated robotics systems.


Space ROS will provide software and artifacts that are aligned with aerospace standards.

Open Source & Open Community

Bring the benefits of ROS’s huge user base, hiring pool, and innovation to space.

PickNik's Leadership
of Space ROS

PickNik is passionate about advancing Space ROS and democratizing space robotics. PickNik currently leads and chairs the Space ROS efforts, in collaboration with the Open Source Robotics Foundation non-profit organization. This involves organizing many meetings throughout the year and holding events at various tradeshows and conferences.

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Space Ros

Our Customers

We work with the biggest names in the space industry for the further adoption of ROS in space

Space Force
Motiv Space systems
Blue origin
Tethers Unlimited
Sierra Space

Our Vision

PickNik’s vision is democratized access to robotics and its positive economic impact, both on and off Earth.

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Open Source and Licensing

Space ROS is open source and available on GitHub today. It's licensed under the permissive Apache and BSD licenses, a permissive open license that encourages reuse in commercial and closed-source products.

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