Numurus: Reduce The Complexity Of Intelligent Systems


Numurus wants to simplify the development process for smart devices, while enhancing the overall end-user experience. Numurus offers a scalable Edge-to-Cloud product line. Numurus’ Smart Sensing Ecosystem products include Smart Sensor Platforms, an Edge Software Toolkit, and Smart IoT Solutions, that reduce time-to-market for new products, while offering end-users improved usability with Smart IoT capabilities.


Numurus’ wanted a generic yet relevant system to easily monitor and configure 2D and 3D perception sensors on ROS based smart sensors. Users needed to be able to see the inputs and outputs of sensors to better understand how they are working and the best configuration settings. Since applications varied, these would need to be able to be easily customizable and adaptable based on the use case.



PickNik integrated with the Numurus team to provide ROS consulting and development. Leveraging our team’s expertise, we delivered an application for monitoring and configuration of Numurus 3DX sensors. The Resident UI (RUI) uses ROS (Robot Operating System) messaging over TCP to access status and send commands. The ROS-based application enables the user to observe four camera feeds from the depth sensor and update configuration in realtime. The ability to update the settings while viewing the camera allows the customer to quickly optimize their environment and understand what their robot is perceiving.


  • This new application was built as a device Resident User Interface (RUI) and demonstrated to what extend the UI can support new hardware. To date, 2 projects have been requested and successfully delivered.



Founded in 2017, Numurus develops edge technology solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of intelligent systems. Numurus’ smart system solutions are focused on applications in the industrial, offshore, and defense inspection markets. Numurus’ Smart Inspection Ecosystem offers a combination of smart device platforms, an Edge-computing software architecture, and an Edge IoT backbone to support the emerging Internet 4.0 landscape. End users have the ability to easily construct or choose turnkey mission specific configurations for their smart sensor and robotic devices, provision live updates to hundreds or thousands of devices in the field, and manage information tunneling to Cloud resources.