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Helping you create, debug, and ship complex MoveIt‑based manipulation projects faster

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MoveIt Studio Developer Platform

Our MoveIt Studio Developer Platform enables robotics engineers and robot field operators to more quickly build advanced applications that include manipulator arms. Designed with a user-friendly interface, it includes a set of pre-built tools that make it easy to build and debug behavior trees, inspect trajectories, diagnose failures, and provide robot recovery.


Build and Debug
Behavior Trees
Develop complex robotic programs that are fault-tolerant to low probability situations.
Visualize constraints and solvers to achieve the performance you want.
Record and extrapolate complex trends and failures from your manipulation objectives.
Provide Robot
Enable engineers and operators to teleop recover and reverse robots out of sticky situations.

Works with Many Frameworks

And with Any Robot

This premium offering from PickNik leverages cutting edge approaches that we have developed over 7 years working with some of the best robotics companies in the world.

Benefits of the MoveIt Studio Developer Platform include:

  • Low-code development of complex manipulation for non-experts
  • Remotely develop and test robot hardware
  • Introspection into complex decision making and recovery
  • Arm trajectory recall, rewind, and introspection
  • Remote arm jogging and operator in the loop recovery
  • Planning optimizations to help your robot motion plan smarter and faster
  • Tools to take your process from prototype to autonomous

The MoveIt Studio Developer Platform is available today, together with the MoveIt Studio SDK (see below), to enable your robotics programs!

Moveit Studio benefits

MoveIt Studio SDK

The MoveIt Studio SDK is a runtime framework that is highly extendable through a plugin-based “behavior” architecture that allows your robot to make its own decisions. You can use our existing library of behaviors for the most common robot manipulation tasks, or develop your own for application-specific needs such as leveraging your own machine learning models.

Assemble complex tasks without having to worry about the details of how each sub-task is implemented. The MoveIt Studio SDK offers the ability to reuse sub-tasks and build applications on top of these pre-developed and hardened behaviors. This allows you, the developer, to focus, iterate faster, and build more robust solutions.

Benefits of the MoveIt Studio SDK include:

  • Build production systems on a robust foundation
  • Automated error-handling and fault tolerance
  • Plan multi-step, complex tasks
  • Allows developers to quickly build software that can react to changes
  • Logging to help understand rate limitations and process bottlenecks
  • Reduce R&D costs and ship faster
  • Compatibility with the MoveIt Studio Developer Platform

The MoveIt Studio SDK is available today, both standalone or with the MoveIt Studio Developer Platform (see above).

Moveit Studio SDK benefits