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Before launching a large project with a new client, we have found it beneficial to our clients to conduct a small fixed-price consulting engagement that generates an in-depth Feasibility Study report. This allows both parties to test the waters and fully understand each other. You are of course free to use the report internally or with other service providers without further engaging in PickNik.

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PickNik will collaborate with your company via email and video calls to deliver a Phase 0 Feasibility Study report that is typically between 15 and 30 pages. The report includes:

  • Technical analysis that discusses the approach we plan on taking.
  • Assessment of risks in the project, including technology readiness level (TRL).
  • Software development milestones and roadmap to implement the proposed project.
  • Architecture diagrams visually describing the high level layout of the proposed solution.
  • Time estimates for the required effort


In addition to what's outlined above, you receive:

  • Peace of mind: Once complete, you'll know the next phase of work has been researched, planned, and discussed to ensure your robotics initiatives drive business forward.
  • More hours in the week: The Feasibility Study will provide you with insights that would have taken countless hours of academic paper reading, code experimentation, and trial & error.
  • A trusted advisor: Have future quick questions about the robotics industry? Shoot us an email and let's stay in touch.


Our Feasibility Studies are a low fixed rate fee, which we believe to be a great value for the brain dump of tailored knowledge we provide. Our legal contract to get started is a simple 1 page engagement letter.

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