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Enhance Your Robot's Capabilities

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Reduce robotic hardware wear & tear

Reduce robotic hardware wear & tear

Reduces wear and prolongs the life of expensive production hardware. Lessens breakages on plastic components.

Improve Cycle Time

Improve cycle time & efficiency

Move faster with near time-optimal trajectories that reliably maximize speed.

Safer, predictable behavior

Safer, predictable behavior

TrackSuite guarantees your robot's motions are smooth and without sudden jolts.

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What is TrackSuite?

TrackSuite is a suite of two tools that together ensures your robot's behavior is safer and more predictable, while prolonging the life of your hardware via smoother operation. TrackSuite produces realtime smoothing of various real-world inputs including perception-based tracking systems, virtual reality hand controllers, and other human-control input devices via a motion generation library.

Download the full TrackSuite Specs

Full technical specs for your team to evaluate. Our team is ready to support your team's needs.

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