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For applications with hard realtime requirements or deterministic behavior, PickNik offers several pre-built products that complement our consulting services. These software libraries offer additional features to the suite of open source software we also maintain and support for the robotics community.

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MoveIt Pro

Complete autonomy for arbitrary environments and tasks is still a goal for the future. Robots get stuck, and with PickNik's MoveIt Pro product, humans can easily fix them. This mostly autonomous, human in the loop platform supports hybrid autonomy for teleoperation of robotic arms. Originally developed for NASA, we've created an intelligent solution that understands its environment and can auto-generate its plan for achieving multi-step tasks.

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Space Robotics

Our Space Robotics technology makes it easy for Earth-based operators to coordinate autonomous, modular robots in IVA and EVA applications. It does this by integrating best-in-class motion planning and control software with an intuitive user interface. We enable your space-grade robots to more safely and reliably do things too dangerous and tedious for humans to do in space.

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MoveIt is PickNik's flagship open source product, featuring state of the art algorithms that can be quickly adapted for your custom application. MoveIt allows you to develop advanced robotics solutions, evaluate new robot designs, and build integrated robotics products for industrial, commercial, R&D and other domains. Our engineers ensure long-term development and stability.