Teach Pendant

Accelerate your custom built robot arm development
with MoveIt Studio's advanced teach pendant capabilities.

The #1 choice of robot arm manufacturers

The #1 choice of robot arm manufacturers

MoveIt Studio powers custom robot arms around the world with our full stack software solution. Bring your robot arm to life with our proven motion control stack and easy to use user interfaces.

An easy to use UI for your robot

An easy to use UI for your robot

MoveIt Studio’s web app runs on a touch screen tablet, a laptop, or any other form factor, and includes support for joysticks.

A vetted ROS 2 stack for motion planning & control

A vetted ROS 2 stack for motion planning & control

PickNik maintains the open source ROS Control and MoveIt stacks, and can help you integrate and test these low level drivers into your robot.

“The MoveIt Studio software, along with expert support from PickNik engineers, enabled us to quickly identify issues with our control stack for our in-house built robot arm.”

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Enables every level of autonomy

From manual control of individual joints to fully autonomous, collision-aware applications, MoveIt Studio provides the various control levels your robot needs out of the box.

Joint Jog
Use simple buttons to move individual joints forward or backwards
Joint Setpoint
Set a joint-specific goal angles and the robot will move
Endpoint Jog
Use buttons or USB joystick to move the gripper in any direction
Endpoint Setpoint
Leverage an interactive marker to set a goal gripper location
Follow Waypoint Sequences
Use a traditional automation approach of passing through a list of poses
Autonomous Objective
Use depth sensors to automatically plan & execute motion

Includes Professional Tools for Custom Robot Arm Devs

MoveIt Studio enables every stage of your robot arm development lifecycle

Used By Custom Arm Manufacturers

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  • Simulation capabilities to import your CAD designs for analysis before building the first prototype.
  • Reachability Analysis tools to understand your robot’s kinematics and workspace.
  • Joint testing tooling to run thousands of cycles through a polished UI.
  • Singularity warnings to help identify mathematical control limitations of your kinematic design.

Unlock your team’s potential with professional tools to create and deploy pick and place applications.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how MoveIt Studio can meet your specific pick and place robotics development needs.