PickNik's mission is to reduce development time and costs for your robotic applications. We write robotics software with you or for you.

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Trusted Development Partners


PickNik can work either in a collaborative engagement with your engineering team (most common) or as turn key roboticists of end to end solutions and components. We bring a cross-functional team of robotics expertise in a brainstorming environment to effectively share ideas and solve problems from different angles.


We deliver the highest quality work through extensive code reviews & adherence to Google-level coding best practices.

Smooth handoffs are ensured through exceptional documentation and reproducible software environments.

We are trained in Agile sprint planning methodologies, typically following 3 week sprint cycles. We follow other software best practices including rigorous code review, continuous integration, unit testing, and system architecture design.

Remote-First Company


We are highly efficient in working remotely, ensuring your experience feels like our team is always in the office with you. Our proven model consists of weekly email summaries, weekly or bi-weekly video calls, and daily Github/Slack/etc online communication. Depending on the project we can travel for occasional onsites, have representative hardware shipped to us, or develop full featured simulations.


We make sure you get the results you want, on time, and with the quality you request.

We strategically develop advanced robotics software together with you, augmenting your team with expertise in robotics perception, grasping, motion planning, navigation, and general ROS development.

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