Leverage our expert robotics software developers to build your custom projects faster.

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Trusted Development Partners


PickNik can work either as embedded members of your engineering team or as independent developers of end to end solutions and components. We can quickly augment your internal team's capabilities, improving development velocity with our top talent.


We deliver the highest quality work through extensive code reviews & adherence to Google-level coding best practices.

Smooth handoffs are ensured through exceptional documentation and reproducible software environments.

We are trained in Agile sprint planning methodologies, typically following 2 or 4 week sprints. We default to JIRA as our sprint planning tool, but have worked in many other approaches depending on your preferences.

Remote-First Company


Both internally and externally, ensuring your experience feels like our team is always in the office with you. Our proven model consists of weekly email summaries, weekly or bi-weekly video calls, and daily Github/Slack/etc online communication


We make sure you get the results you want, on time, and with the quality you request.

We push code for review multiple times per week, allowing an iterative development cycle that can quickly catch when requirements need to be refined for our clients.