Carbon robotics -​ ​Advanced robotics to the masses

Leveraging MoveIt for the application layer of a robot hardware manufacturer.


Carbon Robotics is developing a cutting edge low cost collaborative robot. By integrating with MoveIt for the application layer, they’re able to deploy solutions to their customers faster and cheaper than would have been possible otherwise.


While the Cartesian planner in MoveIt works well for many applications, its simplicity leads to quite a few limitations. These issues are particularly pronounced when working with robots with 7 DOF or more. When Carbon realized that these limitations made it difficult for them to use the default Cartesian planner for their applications, they reached out to us for help.


Working together, PickNik and Carbon were able to integrate the Descartes Cartesian planner as a core capability in MoveIt, enabling Carbon to quickly and consistently plan complex Cartesian paths in their customer deployments.


  • Integrated Descartes Cartesian planner and decreased planning times
  • Improve IKFast integration
  • We would like to thank Carbon Robotics for agreeing to open source the results of this collaboration!