PickNik has over 23 years of combined experience in the field of robotics and automation, and the team is rooted in a deep academic background of robotics theory.

Dave Coleman, PhD
Co-Founder, Roboticist
B.S. Mechanical Engineering Georgia Tech, Masters and PhD Computer Science CU Boulder focusing on motion planning. Dave has 11 years of experience working in the field of robotics automation. He has been a leader in the open source MoveIt! and ROS communities. His insights into robot-agnostic platforms that works for different morphologies, different theoretical approaches, and different end-user technical requirements have given him a well-rounded understanding of the needs of powerful robotic software. He has worked and consulted for all types of robotics companies including Google, Vicarious, Kindred, the Open Source Robotics Foundation, and Willow Garage.

Andy McEvoy, PhD
Co-Founder, Roboticist
M.S. Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M focusing on dynamics and controls and a PhD in Computer Science from CU Boulder focusing on robotic materials. Andy has worked in the aerospace sector on spaceflight and military grade hardware. Since then he has worked for MDA helping to develop the next generation of robotic arms for on-orbit assembly and servicing. Andy has a wide breadth of experience that extends from the initial mechanical design and analysis to the final software deployment of robotic systems.

Mike Lautman
B.S. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, M.S. Robotics from Univ. of Pennsylvania. While still a full-time student, Mike founded Nebu, a Machine Learning and Data Science consultancy that he grew from 0 to 10 engineers. One of the projects that Mike is especially proud of involved building an ETL pipeline that feeds millions of escort advertisements from the web into a singular database to be used by law-enforcement against child-traffickers. After Nebu, Mike joined up with KindredAi, an AI and Robotics startup where he took on leadership of its motion planning efforts on a number of both internal and external products.

Rob Coleman
Business Manager
Rob holds two Bachelor's and a Masters degree focusing on international trade and economic policy. He has lived on four continents and developed a talent for seeing the big picture while working for both startups and large organizations. Over the past ten years Rob has served in a breadth of roles, including government policy analyst, court researcher, team leader of Marines, project manager, and business and marketing developer. He puts the "Rob" in Robot.

Mike Hurowitz
Michael is a serial entrepreneur and startup advisor. Michael's expertise is in research commercialization, bringing new technologies from the lab to market. He has delivered over $24B of space missions, $7B of commercial aircraft, and 127 new products developed working with 35 Fortune 500 companies and almost 60 startups, 14 federal agencies, and 16 university research groups.

Jeff Rose
Jeff is a Co-founder and CEO of ThinkTopic, a Boulder based AI company. Over the last 3 years, ThinkTopic has worked with a wide range of organizations, from the Asian Development Bank to Conde Nast and Digital Globe. Before starting ThinkTopic, Jeff was one of the first research engineers at (Google) DeepMind, where he collaborated with neuroscientists to develop novel machine learning algorithms.
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